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 Founded in 1978. The Ashton Company was formed to provide the value added creation of finished pictures using publishers prints. For all these years, Ashton has provided high quality designer framed art and mirrors at a tremendous value. Ashton offers cutting-edge designs, the largest selection of prints and mirrors, and unparalleled quality.

Remember, the real beauty of Ashton Art is the way it sells!

Ashton Art Professionals  - know what sells best in your area and will recommend the best pictures for your store and your customers. They will design gallery-type artwork personally for your store.
High Quality: Ashton art is custom built by hand using high quality frames, designer textured mat boards, and wood filet accent trim. Ashton's reputation is built on a quality product. Your customers will see and appreciate that. We guarantee it.
Great Value: Ashton builds beautifully framed art and mirrors at prices that may shock you. The perceived value of Ashton's art lets you realize greater mark-ups and greater profits. So whether you need your framed art "over the top" elegant or plain and simple, Ashton will make it look great and sell fast.
Fresh Designs: With an average of over 15 years experience, your Ashton consultant's expertise is unmatched in the industry. We are constantly in touch with all of the major publishers to offer our customers the newest, freshest art on the market. Ashton introduces more than two thousand new pieces every single year. Now that's keeping it fresh.
Best Service: We could not have made it to where we are today without providing great customer service. Ashton custom builds and ships out over 1,500 pictures every day. We guarantee you’ll receive it in great condition, or we’ll make it right.